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Competence development for a sustainable advancement and implementation of digital, worthwhile PlusEnergy-Quarters

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30 months; 2020-2022

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The targets defined in the energy and climate policy framework of the European Union aim at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% until 2030 (compared to 1990). In pursuit of these goals, the European Union faces the challenge of implementing innovative solutions in the fields of energy supply and use as well as energy efficiency. Recent national and european R&D Programmes emphasize the integration of single buildings into smart neighborhoods that facilitate an optimized utilization of volatile renewable energy sources. More than ever before, interdisciplinary interface and core competencies in the technical planning and operation of these decentralized neighborhood energy systems are required from companies for their implementation.

Due to the lack of available education and training opportunities in this future-relevant topic, the consortium is developing a tailor-made qualification measure for the sustainable development and implementation of digital, liveable PlusEnergy Quarters (PEQ). The main topics are renewable local and regional energy supply, energy flexibility, digital infrastructure, highly efficient buildings, load shifting, network efficiency and sector coupling. In addition, the focus is on the integration of users and their requirements for livable neighborhoods as socio-technical systems as well as innovative cooperation and business models. Apart from the skills and methods, the qualification measure also aims to establish new cooperations within the project network.

For this purpose, a flexible training concept is developed, which responds to the time budget, prior knowledge and interests of the participating experts and is based on a variety of didactic methods. The acquired knowledge is continuously applied in the context of individual single and small group projects on the basis of 4 real example Plus-Energy Neighborhoods and firmly anchored in the companies with the help of transfer projects. In summary, the following goals are pursued:

  • Providing the necessary interdisciplinary competences for the development, implementation and operation of innovative, digital plus energy districts
  • Increasing research, development and innovation skills in the companies involved Networking and establishment of sustainable, beyond the project co-operation in the consortium on jointly initiated research activities, in the form of a working group or for the implementation of "ready-made Plus-Energy Neighborhoods"
  • Integration of the results into the teaching of the university partners as well as development of an academic course at the Technikum Wien Academy in order to make the developed contents permanently available.




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Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH
A-3922 Großschönau, Sonnenplatz 1
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