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Energieberater A-Kurs

The Sonnenplatz Großschönau organizes the A course for energy consultant training in cooperation with the energy and environmental agency Niederösterreich.

Training as an energy consultant provides a broad range of qualifications. The participants gain knowledge about U-value and heat load calculation, optimal heat generation and distribution as well as energy saving potentials and the use of solar and photovoltaic plants.

The TARGET GROUP includes planning contractors, house technicians, community workers, municipal energy experts, architects, engineering firms, construction contractors, and many more.


  • Basic concepts, U-value, heating load and heat demand calculation
  • Building construction, water heating, heat generation and distribution
  • Promotion policies, energy saving potentials, and large scale analysis
  • Thermal solar systems, photovoltaics, household electricity


on demand

The next appointment is not fixed yet! However, we invite you to contact us or to email your contact Details, so that we can inform you about new appointments as soon as possible!


Sonnenplatz Großschönau
Sonnenplatz 1
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Course Line & Registration

Sonnenplatz Großschönau
T: +43 (0) 02815/77 270-14
F: +43 (0) 02815/77 270-40

Please send us the registration in writing, by fax or by e-mail.

The final decision as to whether the course can be carried out on the basis of the number of participants registered is about one week before the start. Only in exceptional cases we will waiting longer. If you are interested in the course, please register as soon as possible!

The costs of EUR 979, - include course documents, examination fees and breaks.

The education permit for Lower Austrian Municipalities Officers can be redeemed during this training. Upon presentation of the check the amount will be reduced by 75% (maximum EUR 500) *.

You can download the check as a PDF at  können Sie den Scheck als PDF downloaden. Einfach ausfüllen und beim Kurs mitbringen.  Simply complete and bring along with the course.

To the previous course graduates

The already 14th Energy Consultant A course from 10 March to 23 March 2018 was again a complete success. The participants successfully completed the seminar with an examination on March 23, 2018:



Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH
A-3922 Großschönau, Sonnenplatz 1
T: +43 (0) 2815/77270 | F: +43 (0) 2815/77270 DW 40
E: office[at]  | office[at]
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Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH
A-3922 Großschönau, Sonnenplatz 1
T: +43 (0) 2815/77270 | F: +43 (0) 2815/77270 DW 40
E: office[at]  | office[at]
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